Illegal Civ videos often have some of the best soundtracks! Many tracks have made it into our personal playlists. For Godspeed Davonte Jolly edited Ishod Wair’s footage to “CHAMP IS HERE”. A move so obvious that you start to wonder why nobody thought of it before.

Also, is the whole concept behind HARDIES, just to make us miss the golden era of NY hip hop? MA$E, DMX, JADA man that shit makes you want to wear some baggie pants and some Timbs.

A new IC Promo, straight from the City of Angels. Those guys are having fun, that’s for sure. The movie is going to be live over at Viceland soon.

Featuring: Kevin White, Zach Saracen, Ryder McLaughlin, Aramis Hudson, Olan Prenatt, Na-kel Smith, Tyshawn Jones, Nico Hiraga, and Gary Rogers.

ILLEGAL CIV is a group of friends amongst them are skaters like Kevin Bradley, Na-kel Smith, Sage Elsesser, Tyshawn Jones as well as Rappers like Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Creator.
Last year they released an hour long skate video that documents them passing time. This video is a part of the vlog that filmer Mikey Alfred keeps of their travels enjoy!