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No trigger warning for this one.

Buon Appetito! Everybody’s Favorite Food Skateboards – also known as Pizza Skateboards – released a new video that, on first glance, might be a little too short to call it a real full length, but skating-wise it deserves this attribute for sure. When already traveling to Europe, I personally might have chosen Italy to produce the video of a company named after the most well-known national dish next to spaghetti, but apparently the guys gave their preference to Spain like almost everybody at the moment. However, luckily there is one simple rule: You can find good pizza everywhere!

Featuring Jesse Vieira, Chase Webb, Michael Pulizzi and Ducky Kovacs.

What is more important than your friends, even more importantly faraway friends? No a whole lot and that is what this edit delivers. Catching a glimpse of faraway friends slaying some hella cutty spots.

Glad to see Brian Delatorre back on those hills again!

From the moment I started working at PLACE until today I sometimes have to struggle with myself whether something is worth posting or not. It took some time for me to figure out why everybody working here is so critical with everything all the time. It’s because the magazine and everything that is related to it means the world to them. It’s true that I got a lot more critical over the time, but still I sometimes manage to post things my colleagues wouldn’t. Why do I tell you that? Well, because as I saw the whole video Big Kids by Otto Ray this morning, I had the feeling that I’ve never felt more sure about posting something ever before. I really think that this is a video project that totally fits the state of art of skateboarding today. And I’m sure many of you will agree with me.

Featuring Wylan Kell, Adam Taylor, Jesse Vieira, Lui Elliott, Austin Squire, Brady Sullivan, Nick Rapoza, Brennen Burke, Lucas Erlebach, Truman Hooker, Colin Brophy, Skyler Trent, Leif Hauge, Tsubasa Ohkawa, Jet Caputo, Cole Montminy, Matt Berg and Davis Sarvey.

Side A

Side B