Tag: Noah Vester

Another one out of Malmö, Sweden. This one is about the new generation that is about to come up. Lots of birds, hijinx, one pair of Evisu Jeans and good skating in this one.

A film by Theodor Skogen featuring Noah Vester, Elias Heitmann, Ask Filling, Isak Tullin, Raphael Aluarado, Felix Huidklint, Esben Fredensborg, Jonas Larsen, Niklas Ljung, Frederik Norup, Storm Skumlien & Johan Gustaffson.

Freshly graduated from Bryggeriets Gymnasium, Frederik Andersen took his Panasonic HVX200 and his parents old Sony Hi8 and decided to get things going in the streets and CPH is the best playground for that. Watch “Pirouette” and look into the future.

Feat.: Peter Deigaard, Asger Thomsen, Eliott Toiminen, Noah Vester, Thomas Samuel, Oliver Knap, Axel Berggren, Julius Rohrberg, Max Rohrberg, Ville Wester & William Asmussen.