Tag: Oleksandr Bohush

Our favorite Ukranian brand TheChariotSeven is back with a new video called “Pink”, now the reason it is called pink will become clear to you as soon as you press play. The fact that they filmed this in 3 days is pretty shocking, to say the least. Drop after Drop, rails after rails and stairs after stairs all get skated in a relentless way.

The video description tells me they went out to film this promo for the release of the pink long sleeve (that everybody wears in the video) so if we follow that logic we want to see what they come up with when it is time for their ss 2017 drop.

Many of you may not be aware of TheChariotSeven and to be honest neither were we up until we got an e-mail from them introducing us to the brand. Now TheChariotSeven comes from the Ukraine and in this video both the tricks but even more so the spots make you contemplate a trip there next summer. Another thing worth noting is that they reached out to us via one of our Russian friends Kirill Korobkov it is nice to see that even where there might be a conflict there is also still friendship! Take your time and take in what the guys from TheChariotSeven have to offer.

Featuring: Maxim Belous, Vlad “Pirat” Petruchek, Oleksandr Bohush