Tag: Patrick Riberg

Wietse Thomas from Oslo, Norway send us his new video and already teased us that he has a bigger project coming out later this spring so this one could be seen as some sort of appetizer. It made us look forward to watching the next one!

Featuring Sivert Øveras, Jens Ugland, Mons Bøhmer, Patrick Riberg, Ruben Soon, and more.

Another Martin Strøm work of art. At this moment this group of people is debatably the most interesting crew in Oslo.

Insert reference to Transworld’s In Bloom video and you have something like the Olso version of that here. Young up and comers taking over the scene with volume and quality!

That first song we only knew in another language which is worth checking out. Truth be told Martin and his friends laid it down in Oslo during “Lockdown”?


Øyvind Svensen, Sivert Øveraas, Kevin Bækkel, Jens Ugland, Elias Teinum, Ruben Soon, Vi Duc Truong, Thomas Thorkildsen, Gard Hvaara, Marcus Shaw, Martin Dammen, Jonatan Drab, Michael Sommer, Marcus Vik, Patrick Riberg, Dan Stene & Eirik Refsnes.