Tag: Performance

To tell the story of the performance you would have to do a deep dive yourself! The now pretty legendary performance of Mark Gonzales in Germany is one of skateboarding’s shining moments. But what does it mean… what changes if you repeat the work?

Artists have argued that every time you duplicate/execute a performance or work of art it is, in fact, a new work of art. A moment can never be recreated so every moment is a moment in and of itself. If we hold that to be true the spectators of Mark’s 2018 performance witnessed something singular, something new.

adidas, together with Mr Gonzales also made a shoe, based on the original fencing shoe that Mark wore in the performance in Germany.

The original was a fencing shoe this one is a skate shoe based on a fencing shoe. skating non-skate shoes is a tradition in skateboarding. And in this case, the result is very nice indeed!