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The winner of our slappy contest and just all-round gnarly skater Gumpi sends us off with the very final part of what has been a well made enjoyable video!

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A whole bunch of new Street View parts dropped recently but Jelle Bartosch’s section is probably one of our favorites from the video. Jelle very much does his own thing while the song wales on about control and that together does so well creating a good feeling with the part.

The Schund crew kind off alluded to the fact that Koni might be the manliest man in the crew and to be fair from his kit to his schtick to his tricks he has got something good going on!

Watch more schund here.

A little pick-up moment for the people that are currently following the new Schund Crew video.

We are not perse into picking favorites but part 7 was our favorite part yet. Still watch the rest of the video by clicking here.

Two new parts from the Schund Crews new “Street View” Video and this time it is BO & slappy master Julian Thyssen’s turn to trip the light fantastic.

So press play and see what these two have to offer.