Tag: Scotty Cave

A new independent video out of New York by John Clodfelter. Always good to learn about new crews and see unfamiliar talented faces.

Featuring Mac Milsark, Anthony Battistini, Seth Valestrand, James Wells, Josh Paynter, Sully Richard, Joseph Camposano, John Clodfelter, James McCarthy, Trent Elkins, Zak Anders, Steve Appolonia, Nolan Mottle, Scotty Cave, Nate Grzechowiak, Devin Sweat, Gavin Schmidt, Kevin Fusco, Johnny Cumaoglu, Tommy Iacono & Ian Wright.

If you are into FA/HOCKEY‘s video aesthetics you will probably enjoy this a lot. Very dark, low-resolution images paired with flashing lights and a very fitting soundtrack. Jacob Ortega did a great job editing this one and we are looking forward to what they will release in the near future. Check their Instagram HERE.