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A new Bottom Feeder video just dropped and not only is the skating amazing but the skits got us shook and scared honestly.

A video by Mike Iemma featuring Chandler Burton, Yann Horowitz, Kien Caples & many more.

We had the pleasure to be at the premiere of Skateboardcafe’s new video “Tenor” in Bristol and it was lovely to see how tight-knitted the scene is and how the brand holds a special place in everyone’s heart. 10 years of Skateboardcafe is a big one and we hope it stays around for a long time. Congrats guys, you smashed it once again!

Filmed & edited by Rich Smith. Check out their new collection HERE.

Korahn Gayle, Mike Arnold, Shaun Currie, Harry Ogilvie, Josh Arnott and Savannah Stacey Keenan went to Paris and came back with some incredible footage. Notable highlights are Mike Arnold’s never-ending line and Savannah Stacey Keenan seems to be stunting on all of us by matching the perfect tricks, outfit, and spots together. Watch and enjoy!

Freunde britischen Skateboardings, Kaffeeliebhaber und Jazzenthusiasten kommen bei dem diesem Clip von Skateboard Café voll auf ihre Kosten. Irgendwo zwischen Lookbook und Skatepart zeigen Mike Arnold, Josh Arnott, Shaun Currie, Korahn Gayle und Harry Ogilvie ihre Skateboardskills und die brandneue Sommerkollektion. Press play!