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We got a DM from Stepan Bares including this new edit out of Czech Republic & Slovakia, and it is filled with surprises, unseen spots and a Stalin Square section. Shout out to the SID CREW.

Featuring Jonas Daater, Adam Krizovensky, Martin Hrivna, Kubo Spal, Zdenek Ustohal, Frantisek Havranek, Adam Lofler, Dominik Kirka, Jakub Osten, Jakub Jiruska, Tomas Javurek, Marek Kocak & Stepan Bares himself.

Stepan Bares is back and he brought Frantisek Havranek as a guest. The whole video was shot in the beautiful city of Prague and it shows, that the city has more to offer than “only” arguably the best skate spot in the world.

You may know some of these skaters from past videos we posted, especially Stepan Bares is one we love to watch.

Press play and enjoy and maybe even watch more Sid.