This week starts with a new video by Marek Lovas from Czech Republic for a brand called Socket Hardware. Here’s what Marek had to say about the video:

“Its a new full video that I was working on this year with the team of the small Czech brand Socket Hardware. We filmed it on the spots in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The video includes 12 skaters from these three countries and you can see rippers like Vojtěch Freitag, Przemek Hippler, Maciek Szwejda, Janek Jaroszewicz, Dominik Kirka, or the European legend Peter Molec. The biggest warrior in the whole video is only 19yo Adam Križovenský who opens and also closes the video and whose style and energy are for me really impressive.”

We will be working on something special with Adam for next year, so keep an eye on this guy.

We got a DM from Stepan Bares including this new edit out of Czech Republic & Slovakia, and it is filled with surprises, unseen spots and a Stalin Square section. Shout out to the SID CREW.

Featuring Jonas Daater, Adam Krizovensky, Martin Hrivna, Kubo Spal, Zdenek Ustohal, Frantisek Havranek, Adam Lofler, Dominik Kirka, Jakub Osten, Jakub Jiruska, Tomas Javurek, Marek Kocak & Stepan Bares himself.

It was about a year ago that Stepan Bares sent us his last full part filmed mostly in Prague.

Now, 12-months later we get a follow up to that video but this time we get him and the homies and not only Prague but Split, Bratislava, Budapest & Vienna. It is great to see pockets of quality developing further and we can’t wait to see what comes after this. Enjoy!