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There is no doubt, Patrick Zentgraf is a young talent on a constant rise. This 12 minutes of old VX footage will show you just some impressions of the effort Paddy put into what he loves the most to get where he is today. And he certainly is not about to slow down. Keep on Mr. Paddylac!

Do we really need to talk about this, I think we don’t really need to give anyone reasons to watch this right? It’s been a little while since Danny Sommerfeld put out a part and with him being part of our staff this edit brings together some of the TPDG’s more recent fascinations that are both contemporary and nostalgic.

Leon Rudolph put together the edit so nice he makes you watch it twice.


After several premieres all across Germany finally the new TPDG 2016 video is also online accessible now!

I know Danny Sommerfeld for quite some time now and I can tell that he is a perfectionist in the purest manner. Everything he dedicates himself to has to go through a long lasting process of re-thinking over and over again.

Having said that, it is not surprising that he left the edit in the talented hands of his long-time confidant, Gerrit Piechowski, and chose Figub Brazlevic, who is one of Berlin’s finest producers, for the musical accompaniment. Eventually, TPDG 2016 is a skateboard video that provides a very own vibe – the Top Dog Vibe – which one could already have experienced in the previous video, Street Jazz.

You have heard enough! So gather the homies, put your smart phone away, turn on your boombox, and hit the play button!

Photos by Hendrik Herzmann

Our best birthday wishes go out to our very own Mr. Top Dawggy himself, Danny Sommerfeld aka the Style Chef who seems to stay young forever although he is living just from cigarettes and coffee… and well not to forget skateboarding and photography of course!

Here are just some of the best Danny moments of the past! Enjoy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the PLACE crew, Danny Boy!

Die Jungs von TPDG Supplies zeigen ihr Team für das neue Jahr und stellen zugleich drei neue Teamfahrer vor. Der ein oder andere mag es vielleicht schon gewusst haben, nun ist es offiziell: Julian Ruhe, Daniel Pannemann und Patrick Zentgraf vergrößern das Team mit der besten Hose der Welt. Wenn man den Gerüchten glauben schenken mag, arbeiten die Jungs seit längerem an einem Full Length Video. Wann das Video erscheinen soll, steht noch in den Sternen, wir halten euch natürlich auf dem Laufenden.

Julian Ruhe. Generation Kirschgeschmack. Junges Ding steht auf die alte Schule – juckt ihn nicht die Beanplant.

BILDER_pannemann_berlin x cons_lowres-23
Daniel Pannemann. Eigentlich irgendwas zwischen Hillebrand und Lensing. Genau so, nur anders.

Patrick Zentgraf. Fährt einfach an allen vorbei – per Flip in die Profikarriere.

Words and Photos by Danny Sommerfeld.