At the end of this summer we got a visit from our American friends Bobby Groves and Harry Hafner. Berlin was to be the base for the European leg of their travel.
A journey that started in the bay area and took them all the way to New York. Their plan was backed up by Poler stuff who provided the right gear for such a “on the road” type of journey. Harry and Bobby told us stories about some of the special moments on this trip. From and old man who hated google maps and traveled around in a camper van, to meeting people in a parking lot and camping at the local DIY they made this trip sound romantic as fuck.
Many of us have these type of plans, to escape our everyday life and drive for hours on end through amazing scenery but seldom does the dream become a reality. Bobby, Harry and Tom Bender (who shot the article but didn’t travel to Europe) managed to make and document this novelesque journey for all to see.

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