The Third and final part in the SB Chronicles series is upon us. The hype has been building up and it’s no wonder with a line up consisting of: Karsten Kleppan, Kevin Bradley, Trevor Colden, Omar Salazar, Brian Anderson, Cory Kennedy, Eric Koston and Lance Mountain. Filmer Jason Hernandez and the team have been traveling for more than 18 months, from California to China and the rest of the world. The creative part of the project has been realized with support from Thomas Campbell who is a mixed media artist. With this in mind we believe that Vol. 3 will make a strong visual mark.

SB Chronicles Vol. 3 is having a world premiere in Los Angeles on the 3rd of December. The German Premiere will be held on the 4th of December in the Nike SB Shelter in Berlin. The park will be transformed into a cinema just for this event. Including a Big Screen, Popcorn and everything else that will make you feel like you are in an actual cinema.

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