For those of you that haven’t seen this commercial before, you can watch it by clicking play.

Christopher Chen “legend says he’s still grinding”

Jared Michael Buch “I mean, they shoulda just filmed it n real life..coulda done it!”

John Mark Ono “why is Nyjah skating Thunder Trucks?”

Erik Sakuragi “Air Jordan 1’s were the best skate shoes.”

Farine Zig “I would prefer to see the real trick instead of after effect skills.”

Abyss1 “My god can Nike just go back to the Prod and Koston commercials formatI…Had a cringe moment as soon as I heard “Tre – Flip”

Kadir Sener “Like – Nike”

The peoples Gamer “I broke my arm skateboarding the bone came out”

Hudson Paine “more Nike SB car commercials”

Sebastien Humi “Only true skaters will watch”

Comments taken from Facebook, Youtube, and the Slap Forum.