On Monday we talked extensively to Michi and today we show you the results of what quite possibly the fittest 40-year-old can do on a skateboard. Michi wanted me to tell you he is not a fitness buff but let’s be fair he sure knows how to make 40 seem a bit younger than it does for most!

Film & Edit Roland Hoogwater.

In case you are not aware, these Eat Your Veggies clips are filmed in roughly an hour and it is not an overstatement that these can test the skaters a bit. But Michi is a professional and a lot of this came pretty easy to him which was you can tell in the video shocking to some of the people in the park. So feel free to see the park shark float around in his natural habitat.

So if you haven’t read Michi’s Long Read click here, otherwise go up and just press play!

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*Fun fact: The king of BGP’s Steve Forstner worked his way into this one as well, much love to him!