African skating is something we have been thinking about for a while. We (in the western skate media) have seen some promising projects during the last couple of years but there hasn’t been enough to really know what a skater from Africa skates, what he or she wears, what kind of camera’s they are filming with. We got a small look into their world but we would not be able to tell you the difference between the Somalian or Ethiopian skate scenes.

Articles like the one bellow provide that valuable second look into a country’s skate scene. And to be honest, you can see the effects of Instagram and other global skate media on this crew but I also see them skating Nigeria and I hear some Fela Kuti samples as well! All in all an interesting look into a seldomly documented scene.

For those that want to just look, we embedded the video, but we advise you to follow the link and read the full story.

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