I can’t clearly remember the moment I first heard of the Quartersnacks website and crew, but it must have been on the Slap forum. I don’t even know if I liked what I saw… Ten years ago I was 18 years old and my vision of what skateboarding was differed completely from my current day taste. Skateboarding nowadays seems to have split into a couple of different directions: from professional film makers that push skateboarding visually to the art side of skateboarding to a more Homeie type of feel. Me as a 18 year old would have disliked what I like today. I hated most older videos, I wanted to see tricks and clean styles and felt like older videos where often poorly filmed and the skating was either sketchy or it wasn’t pushing the envelope.

Off course I didn’t know shit then, but I was eating and sleeping skateboarding. I started making videos with my friends and we tried to emulate Transworld & Girl videos, which is normal when you start creating your own things… I missed the point when the Quartersnacks crew started to push their own agenda and created their own lane. When I started to frequently visit their website, the focus of the skateboard world shifted once again from the west to the east coast, skateboarding in NYC looked cool and the terrain was different from the sun filled schoolyards (cliché alert!) in Cali.

The Quartersnacks crew was a combination of “cool” pros like Spanky, Alex Olson and Zered Basset, but most of the crew consisted of more humanly skilled skateboarders skating the same terrain together. It gave me a behind the scene’s type of feeling that I really didn’t see before. I naively thought pros only skated with pros, the thought that pros have their own clique with high school friends never dawned until I started following the Quartersnacks website. Even back then QS brought out Christmas edits etc. which slowly but surely started to influence my music taste away from Bob Dylan towards Young Jeezy, Rich Homie Quan and more recently Future.

As my taste changed together with the ever changing skateboard bussiness Quartersnacks seemed to grow, they started to make clothing and did collabos with Nike (they played an important role in bringing back the Dunk), QS rose to the top… The best thing about this 10 years of Quartersnacks edit is to see that their growth lead them into Skate pop culture! I am excited what comes next. Happy Birthday!