Hello and welcome back to the Place Presents series. We took a break last week because of the ongoing war on Ukrain waged by the Russian army. After we did the article series we tried for a third part but because of the hectic situation following the situation we came to the conclusion that this third part was not going to happen soon. After that, we felt like keeping the pieces upfront and center on our page was important because it could help people understand and look back at the pre-war situation from multiple angles. With all that being said we are happy to report that the families of all the Ukrainian people involved in the making of those pieces are currently still healthy and if not out of the country on their way to leave the site of the war.

Text by Roland Hoogwater.
Film & Edit by Roberto Presedo.

That being said we are so very happy that Roberto Presedo chose to return to our platform for his newest and bestest work yet! In many ways, this is in fact the most natural place for the project to end up. The name of his company: “Boltswagen” and the title of this video: “das bolts” seem to point directly to the Germanic heritage of the Wolfsburgian car maker and that is not that far from our offices in Berlin. Besides that, we did give him the well-deserved royal treatment after we launched his last video together.

Anyway, enough about Roberto, he is behind the lens, in front of the electronic eye are some people you need to pay attention to as well! We would like to highlight two especially, Samantha Secours & Tom Wright*

Tommy put the work in and does some of our favorite wheelie tricks we have seen in a long while and Samantha shines through the power and trick selection, if Roberto has the time and energy we would love to get a full section of hers in the next video!

Besides these two there are some nice boardslides, BMX bails, Kickflip Frontside Crooks and laser flips in animal hats in this wonderful piece of MTL video documentation. More than enough reasons to press play immediately!

(Even though it is possible Tom is likely not to be related to the legendary Tommy Wright III).