If you don’t know About Post Details, “Do your Googles!” The Malmö based Headwear company has been around for five years now. In those years, both Danijel Stankovic and Martin Ottosson have been giving us their vision on skateboarding, generational gaps, tennis and their strong love for the Korv (sausage).
To us, Post Details has found a nice way to talk about skateboarding, their language is fun, absurd, and open but always on point and with great attention to detail (pun intended). Korvlover, their latest capsule collection focusses around sunny weather, getting together and eating Korv but if you read on you will find out it is about all that and more! Without further ado, we present to you our talk with Martin and Danijel a.k.a. Post Details.

Interview by Roland Hoogwater

How did you guys meet?

Me being a little bit older than Danijel, he was part of the next generation rippers in Malmö. He made a pretty strong impression on all of us pretty early. I actually wrote his very first piece in a magazine; a checkout in Funsport Skateboarding in the late 90’s.

First time I saw Martin was at our local plaza, He was tall and could do backside lipslides on the ledge popping out in the middle, something me and my crew never seen live at that time, a few years later when we got the Bryggeriet skatepark we started to meet more frequently and started to small talk here ‘n there…

How did u guys meeting lead to the formation of Post Details?

Good question. Just hanging out a lot, traveling together a lot and skateboarding together a lot. We had a lot of talks over the years how fun it would be doing something together but we couldn’t really figure out what to pursue.

Yeah, Martin was on about making accessories for laptop and mobile phones for a while and then digital watches like those Casio ones and finally, we took a decision to make hats and beanies.

Why hats?

There was a lot of talk about doing everything from hardware to different types of accessories, all connected to skateboarding. The decision to make hats was made in 2011 when it came to us that there were basically only three major companies in this field. We felt that we could add something really interesting to this game and be a part of the puzzle.

For Me, I was a bit over buying “So-Cal” fits from brands like Supreme, Norse, Huf… Let’s make our own stuff and make it the way we want it! It was kind of a small ego trip since I wear hats probably every day.

Post Details turns five this year and there must have been some highs and lows could you tell us about your one particular hardship and your proudest achievement.

The proudest moments are every time you launch a new collection and receive feedback. The hardest part is definitely having to deal with the production part, especially when deadlines can’t be met.

I agree with Martin but also for myself I am always a nervous wreck every time we launch a new collection it’s an emotional rollercoaster. We really care about every inch because the whole collection and theme are carefully curated to work together in synergy. The highlights are when you see people that we don’t know wearing Post Details, that is still a great feeling!

Let’s talk about your new Korvlover capsule collection. The most important question first! Who loves the Korv the most?

I won’t lie. It’s definitely Danijel.

(Laughs) I’m a Korvlover, yes I am!

What about Korv countries, which countries love the Korv the most?

Sweden, Germany, and Denmark.

We have seen your Love for Korv’s pop up before this project. Can you tell us a bit about the history that lead to this Korvlover project for Post Details.

The phrase “Korvlover” was found on a sticker in an old locker when construction of the Bryggeriet indoor skate park took place in 1997. It actually said “Authorized Korvlover”. From there on, it became sort of an internal phrase for our group of friends. In early 2000’s, Me and the same group of friends started a company called Semester Skateboards. Around 2008 we made a graphic for, or from, the Authorized Korvlovers Association.

But it was definitely Danijel who gave the word a proper boost through social media and later on with a collection through WeSC, his sponsor at the time.

I’ve been into Korv since day one, I remember my early birthday parties. Mom would make a meal with mash potatoes and Korv stuck into it to make it look like a hedgehog, all the kids loved it!

Later on always been a fan of semester skateboard and Martins designs, we repped that sticker hard.

At the opening of “Le Box” exhibition in Malmö, there was a session where everyone had to DIY their boards into weird shapes and themes, of course, mine was a hotdog. will find that photo.

later when twitter came around I started to use the hashtag #korvlover and started to populate the web with photos of Korv’s. I saw a lot of people started doing that and tagging me in their #korvlover posts.

When I got the chance to do a project with WESC, Korv made total sense to me and I managed to sell that idea to the brand with help from a few of the OGs. After they accepted my idea a capsule collection was born, it consisted of an oxford shirt, chinos, shorts with Korv’s embroidered all over the pant and the sausage party T-shirts, that was a fun project! We launched it at my friends store in Copenhagen called “Goodlife” during CPH pro. After that my sausage party tour started, with events across Europe that focused on making hot dogs and partying….

Nowadays, if it makes sense, I always try to embed a little Korv into the graphics of my boards etc.

Another thing that I find funny is that on a daily basis I get tagged or shared stuff involving Korv. That stuff doesn’t just come from Sweden it comes from all over the world…. guess I became some kind of Korvgubbe 😉

As far as the faces for the campaign go we see all kinds of faces and age groups appear and one of the faces is a female rap artist can you tell us a little bit more about this.

Joy is one of the best people I got to know, as a teenager she was hanging at our office “fabriken”. That is where she recorded her first track, where she got her first tattoo and probably had her first party experiences! After a pretty bumpy road, she made it to Stockholm and met the right people to help her pursue her dream and journey.

Today she plays at all the big festivals and venues, still, a dear friend. I was so stoked that we could shoot the whole Korvlover campaign out there at her summer house. Thanks, Joy!

Meet Joy.

On a more serious note, the Korvlover project raises funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer can you tell us about the connection and the importance of that to you both.

Prostate Cancer is the most common form of cancer in Sweden with around 10000 diagnosed each year. There are so many things leading up to the decision to support the cause, one of them being that skateboarding historically is a super male dominated activity (Something which is luckily changing by the minute). Plus the fact that skateboarders are active for a longer time. Prostate cancer rarely hits anyone below the age of 50, but look at the average age of pros today compared to the 90’s.

Very true! My last questing is: Of course your love for the Korv will not end with this project so can we expect to see a similar project from Post Details in the next couple of years?

There will absolutely be more Korvloving from Post Details in the future.

The 23rd of July is International Hotdog Day so we will try to do something for that.