Yesterday Civilist Berlin and Nike SB invited everybody to the launch event of Project DSS. Many locals gathered together at Pappelplatz skatepark for an open session with a free offered BBQ and cold drinks and not least to participate in the first voting for their favorite obstacle for the expansion of Berlin’s famous DIY spot.

The session quickly gained momentum while locals skated next to big names like Denny Pham, Farid Ulrich, Michi Mackrodt and Patrick Rogalski and an uncountable number of tricks went down over the well-known “Pappel Gap”. At the end, Phillip Oehmige impressed the crowd with a Switch Backside Bigspin followed by a Nollie Bigspin Lateflip and took home the 500€ voucher for the best trick.

For more information about the project, the voting and upcoming events click here.

Photos by Danny Sommerfeld

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