Another great column by our friend Friedjof Feye who is normally known for his still images but seems to be perfectly well versed in documenting people in moving ones as well. This newest episode of his “Rent Free By Fidi” focuses on both Sven-Julien Kanclerski who is not only a great skater but a great artist & Hannovers famous DIY skatepark 2er. We asked Fidi, who himself is a local, to share a few words about the DIY project.

Text by Roland Hoogwater.

Video & Words by Friedjof Feye.

“On an old industrial site in Hanover, starting in 2007, only flatland was initially ridden and tricks were done over a trash can. Through courage, enthusiasm, and communal solidarity, one of the largest DIY projects in Europe has emerged over the years, constantly reinventing itself. Someone who has been there from the beginning is still inseparable from the 2er today. An everlasting oasis”

Friedjof Feye, 2024.