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Aaron Goure has the final part in the ‘not so usual’ skate video, Dr. Scarecrow, by Diego Meek. The Arizonian skateboarder of the year comes through with some big gaps, long 50-50’s, tech rail tricks… Watch this madness below.

Chris “Mango” Milic has a new part out and from the music to the skating, this part has weirdly amazing moments. Chris’s ender is one of 2016’s pinnacle moments. Just click play and be amazed.

Photo by Colin Sussingham

Editing god Diego Meek recently released a new video called Dr. Scarecrow and he just published none other than Hayden Burns‘ part on Youtube. The combination of Hayden’s skating and Diego’s editing makes you really curious to see the rest of the video. This part is definitely something else.

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