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Just a part… is what this title says to the viewer, marginalizing the effort Karsten put in but when you watch the whole thing you start to think how good is this motherfucker? And is it not slightly arrogant to be saying that this is “just another part”?

Anyway, we don’t believe Karsten, we think he worked hard to make this part good and we appreciate the work he put in! From the boardslide that goes up and over to the casual flip backside smith grind 180 this part is a labour of love.

“Sucubo” is Spanish and means sort of a female Demon that haunts you in your sleep. Whether you believe in medieval folklore or not, this video definitely conveys the impression that something supernatural happens here and there. Visual and skating-wise a very well-done video by Mario Fortea!

Featuring Felipe Bartolome, Jvan Virves, Xabi Elorriaga, Gonzalo Jimenez, Carlos Cardenosa and Adrian Del Campo.

“How I got my first skateboard? I think I probably stole one.” Sometimes skateboarding can be the key to success and thus lead to a better life. But no matter how far these guys are away from their apparently humble beginnings they never forget about their roots and in this way keep the spirit behind DGK alive. Saved is a new full length with both long-established and new unfamiliar names.

Featuring Quel Haddox, Dwayne Fagundes, Wade Desarmo, Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams, Boo Johnson, Adrian Del Campo, Dane Vaughn, Marquise Henry, Ricky Chavez, Juan Moreno, Maurice Jordan and many more.