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If you frequently read our posts, you probably heard about our love for the Balkan. This video is filmed in cities like Belgrade, Sarajevo, Fazana & Banja Luka and it was edited by Belgrade’s David Soda.

Featuring Glen Fox, Alex Hallford, Nebojša Resanović, Danilo Pisanjuk, David Soda, Žarko Obradović, Konrad Waldmann, Nikola Bićanin, Romain Scordino, Nikola Bićanin, Tom Delion & Tomaž Šantl.

“The premise of the trip was simple: see how far we could spread that circle of skateboarding across Nepal. To simply spread the stoke of skateboarding nationwide, to run some events at the newly built skate parks in Kathmandu and Pokhara (built by Make Life Skate Life) and get the skaters together. To unite the community, bring some tunes, bring some hype, ignite the session, nourish some seeds and plant some new ones. In no order whatsoever, along for the ride were Tom Delion, Samu Karvonen, Lucy Adams, Aaron (O’leary) Wilmot, Alex Hallford, Jordan Thackeray, Stu Smith, Helena Long and myself with Rich West shooting photos and Sirus F Gahan wielding a video camera with utmost precision and mastery. We also had Nepali stealth assassin Milan Shah Thakuri acting as translator/guide/legend throughout our journey.”

-Daryl Dominguez

Check out Sirus F Gahan‘s latest work for Free.

Featuring: Daryl Dominguez, Jordan Thackeray, Helena Long, Samu Karvonen, Alex Hallford, Tom Delion, Lucy Adams and Aaron Wilmot.

Red Bull sent out some riders to search and find the mysterious Blu Enigma, a secret bowl hidden on one of Greek’s Islands. Watch Join Brad McClain, Alex Hallford, Chris Haslam, Keith Walsh and Jorge Simões on a special expedition riding unseen tarrain.