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For those of us that follow Heitor Da Silva, it was a wonderful thing to see him go back to Brasil!
Not only did he go on tour with the /// team but he went with some legends from the largest Portuguese speaking nation.

Felipe and Rodrigo TX where shoulder to shoulder with the kid and that must feel nice- it must feel like coming home! Norway and Brasil birthed a brilliant combination on a skateboard.

Our friends over at Live Skateboard Media premiered this video this week, they even had an interview with the guy who obviously got hooked into the Lynchian world of Twin Peaks. If this is a reminder that a new season is coming or is this an homage to David Lynch’ visuals and Angelo Badalamente’s classic tunes?

We advise you to watch the video and then afterwards take some time to read the interview with Alexandre “Cotinz” Neaime.


Rodrigo TX ist Brasilianer, verückt nach Fußball und hat mit adidas und DGK zwei Sponsoren an seiner Seite, die ihm jetzt gemeinsam mit diesem Limited Edition Board in Landesfarben eine ziemlich große Freude gemacht haben dürften: Das Board in 8.06 ist ab sofort im Kayo Store zu haben – dann kann die WM ja kommen…