Tag: Filip Dziewiecki

Poland’s signature ripper returns with what some would call a part but maybe is more of an expose showing the broadness of his skating and willpower through many a crusty spot. One could say they stop at nothing but truth be told, just before the video ends we see a scooter stopped in its tracks as it tries to pull Juras in for one final move—anyway, great work by Kuba, Michal, and the rest of this excellent crew.

Our eastern neighbors of the Warsaw-based SH STORE took their crew and made the trip to what was once the center of the world, Rome.


Krzysiek Poskrobko, Tomek Ziółkowski, Filip Dziewięcki, Michał Trzeciakowski, Marcin Pawuniak, Mateusz Matczak & Jakub Suwiński.

Our friends from Poland hit us up and told us about this video…. Well, actually they made the video and they started Frame. What is Frame? it is a company was started by two friends Michał and Mate, together they make videos and in the future also some product. This video focusses on Filip, a sixteen-year-old boy from Mate’s hometown of Kielce,. the whole thing is nine minutes long but it is worth the watch. There is more than one way to say this but it made us want to take a trip to Kielce the spots look amazing!

Photography by Michal Pielak