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This one came to us via Julian Ruhe, who told us to watch and see if we liked it enough to post. Well, what we found was something very original, weird at times but also very filled with humor and good skating. It is a bit outside of the norm but in a positively surprising way.

A good part by 38-year-old Kris Posbrobko who has been on a tear these last couple of years.

He also had a part in the OG Grey Area video and more recently in “If You Don’t Skate Don’t Start”.

So put some respect on his name and remember no more excuses like “I am too old for this shit.”

Roughly a month ago Krzysztof Godek hit us up. He told us about his newest project and if we would be interested in premiering any parts of the video… included was a link to the full project.

Now it is no secret that we are supporters of the Polish scene in general but some parts in “IF YOU DON’T SKATE, DON’T START” really hit the mark.

That means that this is only our first release concerning this particular project. And to be honest, this part might have some of the most interesting tricks we have seen in a while! So, after we cleared things with Krysztof and set up the releases we asked who is this guy?! Konrad Kruzynski.

This is what he came back to us with:

So… Konrad is a young (22), crazy dreamer, stoner, artist, student, graphic designer, graffiti man, event host, skate association guy, fashion designer, probably also a rapper, chef, mad scientist and who knows what else… A renaissance man…

He is always late at least 2 hours because he has so many things to fix on the way. I’m sure in his head there is a lot happening… much more than in an average person’s skull. His ideas are sometimes so crazy that no one knows what to think about it.

He is always trying to do some abstract tricks that he is not even a little close to riding aways from – and then… all of a sudden he surprisingly does it… a moment that no one expects will come. Definitely one of a kind. His skateboarding speaks for his personality.

Konrad doing his thing in Warsaw, shot by Krzysztof Godek.

It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t get none right? So Krzysztof Godek went out for this next part of his video and documented his friends.

By the way, what is with all the hate on your neighbors?

Watch the rest of the IF YOU DON’T SKATE, DON’T START by clicking the link.

A very nice intro to a very creative section. Imagine doing a Switch Tailslide to Nosewheelie and then Nollie into a Backside 50-50!? Crazy right?

But it is all part of this new section of the IF YOU DON’T SKATE, DON’T START video.

Polish skaters are never lazy, to begin with, but in the last couple of months, they have been extremely active.

From the last Grey Area video to “If You Don’t Skate Don’t Start” 2020 seems to be a great year for Polish skateboarding and especially Kraków & Warsaw’s scenes.

Watch this new piece that has some really fun moves from way back in ’19.

There is a lot of movement in the Polish skate scene, from the omnipresent Grey Area of Kuba Kaczmarczyk to the recently released SH store tour, to now this full length by Krzysztof Godek.

This is a special moment because we all need to realize that we are now truly a multigenerational sport because Krzysiek Poskrobko managed to create this part at 38 years of age. Props to you!

From now on Krzysztof will be releasing one part a week so keep your eyes peeled.

The Warsaw-based SH store took its riders to the capital of Spain and came back not only with this little video but also with a transformed bandana wearing Michał Juraś.

Enjoy the video, the soundtrack and the outfits.

Our friends from Poland hit us up and told us about this video…. Well, actually they made the video and they started Frame. What is Frame? it is a company was started by two friends Michał and Mate, together they make videos and in the future also some product. This video focusses on Filip, a sixteen-year-old boy from Mate’s hometown of Kielce,. the whole thing is nine minutes long but it is worth the watch. There is more than one way to say this but it made us want to take a trip to Kielce the spots look amazing!

Photography by Michal Pielak