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The best possible outcome from a Moscow trip is definitely this video to which one can simply say wow…

Vans put this out from Russia with love and we managed to get our Chris Pfanner fix until the next video.

About ten minutes of more than just remnants of several trips The National Skateboard Co. undertook to produce their first full length. Especially the Paris section is lovely.

Featuring Gregoire Cuadrado, Neil Smith, Thomas Harrison, Tom Tanner, Vaughan Jones, Denis Lynn, David Mackey, Neil Smith, Josh Young, Danijel Stankovic and friends.

Das Team von The National Skateboard Co, namentlich Josh Young, Danijel Stankovic, Neil Smith, David Mackey, Thomas Harrison, Vaughan Jones und Denis Lynn, hat die polnische Hauptstadt Warschau unsicher gemacht – wie das aussah, seht ihr in folgendem Clip: