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Felipe Bartolome is actually one of our favorites. He’s one of those people you have to meet in real life to see and feel his power and the way he deals with things. Although he won’t be up before noon, there is a huge amount of energy parked somewhere in his body, that pours out just right after he wakes. His batteries are charged around noon, I guess.

When we met Felipe again in January for a Converse event in Stockholm, Sweden he told us to come to Madrid and stay for a while to go out skating with his friends. While he was probably just being nice to us, we had actually thought about it earlier but kept our mouths shut because we thought packing our things to visit Spain for the 50th time might be a bit much. Besides, we didn’t wanna make a false promise, of course. Though Felipe admitted he was a bit astonished when he got the call that we will be on the plane within the next few days, he surely responded positively to the news.

Wir sind zwar nicht ganz sicher wie der Name der neuen Boardcompany von Enrique Lorenzo ausgesprochen wird – geschrieben wird er jedenfalls wie folgt: Louw. Hier der erste Clip des Brands mit Footage von Pol Calente, Octavio Barrera, Felipe Bartolome und eben auch Enrique Lorenzo himself.