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You‘ve probably seen some bits of this video spread over the internet but Magenta Skateboards now uploaded the whole thing. It’s nicer to watch it in full right? Dive in and enjoy!

If you missed our interviews with Vivien Feil and Gunes Ozdogan you can find them by following those two links: Vivien / Gunes.

“Celebrating Magenta Fantasista Ruben Spelta’s elevation to the pro ranks with a family visit to Milan.”

Sounds very reasonable to us. Congratulations, Ruben! Very high concentration of Milan footage over the last few weeks and we are not complaining about that.


adidas’s big series of events in Paris also brought us a new video feat.: Lucas Puig, Heitor Da Silva, Magnus Bordewick, Kaio and a lot of others. Another video by Torsten Frank, who is really putting in work. Good Job!