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From Zürich comes this very inclusive and fun video by Tomas “Schwed” Schneider with help from people like Lukas Bigun and many more. Maybe you are suffering from an x-mas overload but once the holidays are over you should really have a look and see all the nice things happening in Switzerland’s largest city.

Anyway to entice you further here are some of the names you might know already:

Oliver Weismantel, Sven Kilchenmann, Samuel Nigg, Killan Zehnder & Adi Good.

MelanPhorie is a tad bit long but it’s worth your watch if only for the great songs featured in this project out of Switzerland.
It is my personal belief that although we will still have a fair share of trap music under parts we have entered a new phase where we are starting to see the return of Jazz music in skate videos which is a joyous thing if you ask me.