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One and a half years ago Chris “mango” Milic was out skating with us in Berlin, He had a group of fanboys surrounding him and one of them asked him “What should people know about Genesis Evans?” and he answered, “That he is a much better skater than people think.” I guess since this dropped that q&a has become redundant because he shows his true colors in this part. Also, a shout out should be given to Emilio who made a great video with an equally great soundtrack.

video by Emilio Cuilan

Photo by Colin Sussingham

Slowly but surely more and more parts of the Dany video are coming out. First came Yaje’s part than the extra’s came out and now Shawn Powers had his part drop on the internet. Let us be honest and say what is on a lot of peoples minds, Shawn’s focus seems to have been shifting from skating to making art and that isn’t a bad thing perse. But seems like it is not benefitting his skating all that much, this part still has some great moments though and the last clip especially shows us Powers’s skating at its best. At the same time, there are some questionable single tricks in there and we wonder if Shawn will ever be able to better his Caviar part, it would be nice to see him try.


Photo by Jerry Buttles

We have been dedicating some posts to this video, from the teaser to Yaje Popson’s full part and now the extras. All of these have had some real good skating in it set to some sick music. The opening track makes you feel like the guys are skating through Twin Peaks or something. Enjoy the skating and have Shazam ready at all times.

Featuring Shawn Powers, Genesis Evans, Jason Byoun, Adam Zhu, Yaje Popson and many more