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Text by Roland Hoogwater.
Photo by Martin Hallberg

Special thanks go out to Kuba, Danijel and all the others that made this possible.

Some of you might know Danijel Stankovic’ skating from “Grey Area“, his “In Search of the Miraculouspart or maybe you know him as a part of The National but we know him as Malmö’s favorite son.

Danijel or Juggaboltz as some call him has again gathered his strengths and teamed up with Kuba Kaczmarczyk for this Grey Area follow up “Neverwhere”.

To “Jugga” this might have been the hardest one to film because like many other “grown-ups” he has grown up things to do. Things that take him away from the board and in our opinion, because of those hurdles, this part shows you the determination and hard-headedness of a person like Mr. Stankovic.

When we asked him about this part and his current relationship with skating he told us he was:

“Too young to be tired but too old to be relevant…”

Obviously, a combination of self-deprecating humor and willingness to still compete has hit Danijel in 2019. but it shows that he is trying to talk to the younger skaters. Skaters who might not know all about sharing your platform with your friends or using a song suggested by a collaborator like Silas Adler (from Soulland) and all the while he is showing us all that spot and trick selection always matter.

Jugga is not afraid to put himself out there and say or show you what he likes and dislikes. And in 2019 we think opinions matter as much as ever.  So when the opportunity was presented to us to showcase these things in motion we got excited and jumped on the opportunity to show them to you.

But enough talk for now! We are excited to premiere a part by one of our favorite skaters for 24 hours exclusively here on Place!

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