Plazaskateboards is a brand from Italy created under the watchful eye of Mario who started the project back in the day in Bellizzi. 2004 was the year and with 2024 closing in, one would have to say that it has been a successful project. It is also a testament that Mario Torre’s vision of everyday skating has merit and staying power in today’s scene. With that said, we asked the man behind the scenes to talk a bit about how this video came together. Enjoy!

“This year Efrem Sapienza and I were talking about going skating and filming in Rome,
and while we had these conversations we managed to acquire two new team riders.
In the beginning, the idea was to go to Rome for a weekend, but then it ended up turning into two.
Because the people who ride for Plazaboards live all over Italy, we decided to invite everyone over to our capital for a team meeting. That decision turned this into a trip with three stops, with 12 people, which ended up multiplying into 17 because people brought their friends.

Big groups are not easy to manage, but these are still my favorite people so in the end, everything went well. Simone (the filmer) then followed us around and documented the fun and that game became what you now know as TEVERE. The new video from Plazaboards”