This week is a good week for fans of the Place Presents concept. After a banging opener by Cesar Bijnens, we now have a really fun video based on a group of friends traveling to New York. I don’t know about you but this all made me want to pick up the phone, call my friends, and go skate together. Which is the perfect vibe for the start of the weekend. But before you do all that, maybe you should take some time to read what Levent Efe had to say about going on a trip with two funny dudes. Enjoy!

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Video & Text by Levent Efe.

Photos by Martynas Katauskas.

It was a no-brainer when Martynas told me, let’s go to New York to skate – he
lived there for a year and went back several times. So, when Matthias also started talking to me
about an NYC Trip I was like, yeah let’s do this!

Finally, when Matthias and I arrived at JFK, Martynas texted me that he spent the last two
nights homeless in the city and couldn‘t wait to meet us at the apartment. That was kinda rough (laughs), but from that moment on it was 8 days of nothing but skating, filming, finding the next deli spot, 7$
Beverages, 99c Pizza Slices, and long intense travel back to our temporary home at night. We all have so many great memories that we can‘t wait to go back to have another bite of that apple.

Or maybe we should leave our NYC memories as is and go to Cali next year.
Anyway, I hope you have as much fun watching this video as we had on this trip. I still have cravings
for one of those Peanut Butter-filled Pretzels.

That was it, love you guys!