It seems to be a German trend to give yourself an IG handle connected to luxury brands. Funnily enough, even though this gives people a certain level of expectation, it seems they always rise above that with very creative skating. Matthias definitely does this in this part filmed entirely filmed with Ingo Conrad at his local spot. Knowing every nook, cranny, and secret the spot has to offer. We felt it was necessary for you to get to know “Bugatti” a bit better so we asked his friend, filmer, and now documentarian to do a little write-up on the man himself.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Film & Edit by Ingo Conrad.

Text by Ingo Conrad.

Name and aliasses: Matthias Bednorz aka Bugatti aka Buggi aka Maddi.

To me, Bugatti was initially a skater that I only saw digitally: he used to post one banger after the other on IG. Always to be found at the Herzspot, the “Museum” or “Germa” (Germanic Museum)
I only got to know him better recently when I was out filming with Stephan Pöhlmann for his Place part. That was the start of me filming Bugatti more and more and within 6 months we had a part filmed.
According to Bugatti, it was around the same time that he “started to skate street properly” for him that meant taking a step away from the well-known “artificial” curbs at the Germa and onto the “real” streets.
A museum line could not be missing from his part. Initially, I resisted, but I gave in because of Bugatti’s persistence.

I was immediately blown away by his skating there. Every nook and cranny merged with Bugatti and it was a feast for the eyes to watch him at “his” spot.
Later on Matthias told me about his idea to film a full museum part. I was immediately down for the idea.
At first, I was annoyed that he never really had a plan – before this, I mainly filmed with skaters who knew exactly what they wanted to do and where – but Bugatti has a real talent for improvisation on the board. Ideas for tricks and lines were really developed by us together.

Also, something new for me was that he didn’t always come to our sessions completely sober at times he just seemed to stumble out of some club and onto the spot. With the best white lies ready (laughs). But he always delivered, no matter what state he was in – this never ceased to impress me.

I would also like to mention Bugatti’s beloved mother, she is the biggest fan and supporter of my Instagram channel “Frankonian Exposure”, hardly any post I made has remained “unliked”.

In his younger days, his parents, in order to have a quiet holiday, the energetic, then seven-year-old Matthias got his first board from his mother, purchased from a Polish grocery store called “Biedronka”.
From this point on, the skateboard served as his constant companion, not as an object to do tricks on but more as a means of transportation.
After moving to Germany (Nuremberg), he played tennis and football passionately – but when he found the TX-SPORTS shop he managed to get his first “professional board” there.
Skate shop owner Sven Eckert immediately liked him and saw a lot of potential in little Matthias.

At the age of 17, Matthias joined the TX team, alongside well-known skaters such as Stephan Pöhlmann and Luan Juseni.
With his always positive and slightly different way of skating, he should soon draw a lot more attention to himself.
Matthias currently rides for NIKE SB, Call me 917, and Volcom and has skated his way into the hearts of the Nuremberg scene. A day without skating with “Bugatti” is a day wasted! You just have to like him.