Tag: Nuremberg

From Ethiopian roots via Nüremberg comes this lovely video piece by Raffael Merawi who in the spirit of Christmas wanted to honor multiple things at once. When asked about it he said this:

„Tezeta“ is an Amharic word (my mother tongue) and stands for Nostalgia & Memories. I wanted to use that word as a title because all the songs, except the last, are by hip-hop artists that I found – as a small child – through my parents. I wanted to use that and this video to create positive memories of 2021 for my homies. The end goal being, that we don’t only see the year through a negative lens because of the pandemic.”

Obviously, you can only love and respect motivations like these, but we would like to add a little gift called Yègellé Tezeta by Ethiopian Jazz artist Mulatu Astatke. The reason is quite fitting, the title reminded us of another time in our life and thus making the “Tezeta” circle complete. Enjoy!

A new full length video out of Nuremberg featuring Stephan Pöhlmann, Timmo König, Frank Heger, Max Gessner, Robert Förder, Max Hecht, Matthias Fuchs, Luan Juseni and Utzi.