Sybren Vanoverberghe ist freischaffender Nachwuchs-Fotograf aus Belgien. Diversität in seiner Bildsprache ist dabei nicht verwunderlich, immerhin ist der Knabe gerade mal 18 Jahre alt und befindet sich damit erst am Anfang seines Schaffens. Trotzdem kann Sybren bereits erste Veröffentlichungen vorweisen, so hat er z.B. bereits ein Cover für das Soma Magazin geschossen. Wir haben uns auf seinem tumblr umgeschaut und sind uns sicher, in Zukunft noch mehr Bilder von ihm zu Gesicht zu bekommen.

Simon De Volder – FS Bluntslide – Brussels

Joren Losfeld – Crooks – Belgium

Three years ago I bought a camera because I wanted to film some tricks of my friends who were skating a lot. Later on I started to discover that filming wasn’t really the thing I wanted to do. I tried to take some pictures of skateboarding and other related subjects as well.

Jonathan Vlerick – FS 270 – Belgium

Lennert Goessens – Wallie – Ghent

Trevor Cappon – FS Lipslide – Dunkerque, France

At this moment I’ve been shooting skateboarding for about 2 years. The biggest reason why I like to take pictures is the fact that you can capture a moment that will never exist the same as it was. As a photographer you’re able to tell a story with this moment you’ve captured with your camera. You can choose how you capture that specific moment and off course which kind of subjects you like to photograph. I started with photography because of skateboarding, but I also like to document things that happen besides skateboarding, for example lifestyle or street photographs.

Antwerp, Belgium

Barcelona, Spain

My inspiration comes from a lot of different kind of art forms, however the photography of other photographers is one of the most important inspirations. Besides all that I think that life in general is a big inspiration as well, the people you meet and the moments you experience in life is the main inspiration for me I guess. Seeing the work from skateboard photographers like French Fred give me an instant boost to keep on shooting skateboarding and make me try to make my photographs better and better. Besides the famous skateboard photographers I’m a big fan of the work of street photographers like Gary Winogrand or Elliot Erwitt as well.

Barcelona, Spain

Selfie, Ghent

For me most of the times a good photo is a photo that has a certain amount of expression and feeling into it, a photo that tells a story or a photo that makes you use your fantasy to make up a story around the photograph. It has to have a good composition, the lightning has to be fine, it has to be shot at the exact right moment, there has to be attention to the background as well as the subject and all these kind of different things have to come together in one good shot.

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