For all the Berliners and everyone who is currently in town, tomorrow the White Trash welcomes everybody to the first WHITE TRASH DEATH MATCH at our very own White Trash Taco Pipe!

To get in the mood, They’ll start with the BEST LIP TRICK CONTEST.

Then THE WHITE TRASH DEATH MATCH is the highlight and the rules are simple. It’s a good old fashioned last man standing: three riders at the same time – drop in until you drop out! The winner of each round stays in and competes against the other winners and so on until no one’s left.
You’ll win, you’ll get prizes – another rules as simple as it gets!

No Taco Pipe without the Taco Stand! We’ve got tacos for the hungry, 100 liters of Freibier for the thirsty and tequila for the adventurous!

16.00 Dog Shit Spot / Meet Up
18.00 Spot der Visionäre / Best Trick
19.00 White Trash Taco Pipe / Best Trick & Death Match

We would like to thank Anti Hero Skateboards, Real Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels and Place Skateboard Culture for the prizes!