Today we take you back into the Norwegian cold, today we take you back to a crew partly responsible for one of our favorite Place Presents of 2022, today we take you to Trondheim and finally we show you what this means to Mons Bøhmers both in front and behind the lens of the camera. Enjoy PIGEON a video from the cold but warm at heart!

“Hi, my name is Mons Bøhmers lived in Trondheim for a couple of years and during my stay, I was filming with a group of friends called Central TRD. We made 5 videos together, PIGEON being the latest addition filmed in 2020 and 2021.

When it comes to skate edits I appreciate good rhythm and composition combined with music that stands out, just as much as I appreciate good skating. I really enjoy researching music, whether it’s for skate edits, DJ-ing, or personal enjoyment. When picking music for a skate edit I don’t really look for catchy music, for me, it’s more about finding music that compliments the skating and creates a certain mood for the video.

To me, PIGEON represents what it feels like to live and skate in a cold dark nordic city.”