Welcome to FFM and welcome to another Place Presents! The weekend is almost upon us and it is important to note that we try to start it off right for you. So, before you close your MacBooks, take that after-work shower, and watch Levent Efe’s new video “Stab City” and maybe even “Two Worms One Apple” and you might get inspired to go out and skate today! As far as the video goes, we will leave that to Levent himself. Enjoy!

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Video & Text by Levent Efe.

Photos by Kert Hollywood.

Skating and the Culture of Skating is always changing. „Stab City“ is what Street Skating in Frankfurt has been like for the last 3 years. New Spots popped up. Old Spots got torn down. New People came into the Town. Good Friends moved away. In 2021 I started this Project, trying to capture the Spirit of the City, its Skaters, and how they skate in their hometown. The Scene is not that big, but everybody has their own style and personality. Compared to Music; Stab City might not be the best Album, but for sure is a diverse Mixtape for a long Ride with Friends.

BTW If you‘re bored skating in your hometown or tired of doing the same City Trips as everybody else does, come to FFM 🙂