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Frankfurt’s Frafimi is back with an epic edit featuring Fabian Michel, Matthias Ellinger, Kert Hollywood, Philipp Schäfer, Mark Metzner, Marc Stevens, Max Schöffer, Tim Thomas, Moritz Marquardt & many more. Great soundtrack even greater cast!

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The Frafimi boys are back with a spot themed edit called “Bocki Montage” about FFM’s most legendary bank spot, right in the heart of the city. It’s almost impossible to visit Frankfurt and not come across this spot.

Featuring Matthias Ellinger, Fabian Michel, Kert Hollywood, Trevor Ciccarino, Philipp Schäfer, Stephan Ide, Milan Hruska, Patrick Soulier, Fabiano Catanzaro, Moritz Marquardt, Marius Znürsenkel, Carlo Lebsch & Nico Maison.

A little-known fact is that after the last Frafrimi video Matthias Ellinger went viral on our social media.

The only question we have this time around is… Can he do it again or is he passing the torch with this vacation video? Watch the whole thing now to find out and see for yourself.

Drei Wochen lang haben sich Alex Ullman, Mocki Ellinger, Iwan Martaller, Jakim Poijo, Moritz Meyer und Philipp Schäfer von Jon Wolf mit der Videokamera durch Indien jagen lassen. Herausgekommen ist ein Skateboard-Dokumentation, in der es scheinbar unendliche Marmorspots, perfekte Handrails, nette Menschen und verrückte Tiere gibt.