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A little-known fact is that after the last Frafrimi video Matthias Ellinger went viral on our social media.

The only question we have this time around is… Can he do it again or is he passing the torch with this vacation video? Watch the whole thing now to find out and see for yourself.

Last year, we interviewed Tom Weimar and premiered his video ANTR’S MIX wich stood out due to its use of original tunes, offbeat editing and a plethora of all different kinds of skating.

This all together created an interesting experience and so it was only logical that we came together again to premiere the follow-up video FFM MIX 2K18.

As the last video, this one promises Frankfurt’s locals skating THE legendary spot (Hauptsache Hauptwache), supported by their local shop, edited to some tunes and made by people from Franki am Main. Could it be more local? Maybe, if the skaters only ate locally produced food during the making of this video. Enough talk – Enjoy the video!

Check out Tom’s video from last year here:

Photo by Max Barthel