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Charles Deschamps in “Eva” for the good people over at Canada’s Studio Skateboards.

Life nowadays can become hectic and stressful so it’s good to take a moment, breathe in deeply and focus on what’s important. That’s why John Gardener came to Europe to skate, meet new people, and pass on his tools to maintain good mental health. Big S/O to John for doing all of this!

From our friends over at FREE. A new one from Paris/France.

Featuring Amelien Foures, Andrea Dupre, Lucas Languasco, Adrien Chabiron, Edouard Depaz, Jerome Sossou, Cesar Budroca, Alix Malnati, Joshua Marques, Santiago Sasson, Hugo Corbin, Erik Mueller, Flo Taverne, Léo Cholet, PJ Chapuis, Sergey Sharabakin, Victor Cascarigny , Lucas Allard, Thomas Courteille, Steven Faure, Kemisse Zouikri and Ali Jbiloul.