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Gotta love the Vans Europe team for their ability to go for it in any and every situation or spot. We don’t want to spoil the trick but we were really stoked to see Dustin Dollin with a great ender trick in this!

On a side note Pfanner is like a very fine wine isn’t he.

Vans Europe has finally dropped a new video with some new some old but most of all some classic skating.
A personal highlight for us was the inclusion of Flo Marfaing, who is still looking so solid! Besides that Nassim, Albert, Victor Chris and the others really hit it home.

Photo by DVL

Although, Flo Marfaing has never really been away, right now it feels kind of like he is back. This is a re-edit for Vans with the footy of his last two full parts that he dropped this year. Check it out! It is worth it!

Florentin Marfaing
ist jemand, der sich immer treu geblieben ist und sein eigenes Ding durchgezogen hat. Wie sehr er noch heute durchzieht, zeigt sein neuer 5-minütiger Part aus dem “Texalona” Video via den Kollegen von Dogway Media