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How can you not be a fan of this guy’s skating? He’s got it all and he is bringing something unique to the table. This has to be his best part yet and also, as always, a brilliant job done by Jacob Harris.

As the drifter keep on drifting further away from the shores they started at, we ask ourselves where to next?

This most recent Hawaiian edit might suggest that Jacob Harris will start to steer the ship east. Now that could be interesting!

Each episode of this series by Jacob Harris is a cinematographic masterpiece on its own. The level of filming/editing combined with the level of skating is just too damn high. For this episode of Atlantic Drift, the crew went to the capital of France, Paris.

Featuring Tom Knox, Nick Jensen, Remy Taveira, Sylvain Tognelli, Casper Brooker, Chris Jones and Mike Arnold.

Basically, this is little more than an ISLE and friends montage that Jacob Harris made for Thrasher. Jacob is one of the most interesting guys working in skateboard video making today. He doesn’t work that much with double screens and vhs type of work instead he relies a lot on music and the mixing of style and action and he really has perfect timing when it comes down to suspense and breaking the suspense. The music in this video gives off a thick atmosphere making it quite intense but balanced because of the aforementioned breaks. To be honest the way he presents to us is truly his own and that is what makes every video Jacob makes worth a watch.

Featuring: Sylvain Tognelli, Nick Jensen, Remy Taveira, Mike Arnold, Tom Knox, Chris Jones and Casper Brooker

Jacob Harris zeigte mit Eleventh Hour eines der besten Videos in 2013, was sicherlich auch an einem Line-Up mit Leuten wie Sylvain Tognelli, Nick Jensen und Tom Knox lag. Den Anfang des Streifens macht Luka Pinto, welcher mit einer ordentlichen Portion Flow ausgestattet wurde.