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After the success of their last video “Pilots of the future” Impulso is back with a little something, something, from the Greek mainland. S/O to Ben Rappel it must be nice to be able to have pop like that.


Ben Rappel, Moritz Donauer, Michi Bischofer, Ali Lohner, Erik Löbbecke, Julian Geißinger, Vale Weyerer & Vali Erlmeier.

The Impulso crew out of Munich/Germany just published their latest video featuring Denis Klausmann, Moritz Donauer, Vali Erlmeier, Ali Lohner, Robin Ramirez, Manu Wolff, Florian Netzer, Julian Geißinger & Ben Rappel.

Munich has been more and more in the focus with the recent release of Thrasher Magazine’s SOTY Tour and being the home of GERMANY’S BEST SKATESHOP!

It is known to many of you that we like to hang out, skate, talk, and dance with a certain German professional photographer that goes by the name Conny Mirbach. Conny even shot some of the best stuff ever to make it into a PLACE Magazine. On the skateboard side of things, he can also hold his own and that is what we wanted to show you by bundling all his recent footage into this 2-minute video part. Enjoy the video and click here if you want to see some of Conny’s photo work.


Special thanks to Brett Nichols, Marlon Lange and Julian Geißinger.

Photos by Danny Sommerfeld.

The caption for this video on youtube reads “This year’s video.” and that could mean two things first, it is Julian’s 2016 video second, This is the video of the year. Now it is not clear which one it actually is but we choose to believe it is the second because we like the rapper like confidence that comes along with such a statement. Now, whether it is actually the best video is up to the viewer but we liked it a lot and are looking forward to his 2017 video.