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THERE Skateboards is killing it lately. After their recent full-length video “Ruining Skateboarding” they are back with a very nice part featuring the one and only Myles De Courcy. We love to see it!

Edited by our talented friend Wesley Banford.

If you didn´t spend the last few days under a rock, you have probably seen some of the parts of this video here and there but now, finally, the whole project is online in its entirety. THERE Skateboards‘ “Ruining Skateboarding” is definitely doing the opposite that its title suggests by creating another very important milestone towards more diversity in skateboarding. It is good to see something you love change for the better.

Edited by Leo Bañuelos.

Vans Presents a new short film about Cher Strauberry, providing an inside look into her role in shaping and growing the queer skate community. She is taking us back to the early days, shedding light on the experiences leading her to become an influentiual figure in the queer skate community.

“Now that we’ve put this hole in the wall, there will be trans girls and boys who will skate better than us, be more confident in themselves, be more outspoken, who will just know more than we knew..”

A film by Patrick O’Dell.

Skateboarding is still growing and with that growth comes diversity. over the years our sub-culture has solidified its place and has become more normalized as an activity but with that being said there are a lot of boundaries that still need to be crossed.

Conversations about and role models relating to gender, race and sexual preference are starting to not only become a part of our culture but are getting their place in the spotlight. And that is a good thing because it is important for people of all walks of life to have role models they can relate to.

Unity is doing something interesting for everybody in skateboarding and therefore we believe you should get to know and love them.

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Photography Vivian Fu