As a skateboarder, it’s only natural to feel the urge to document your life: skateboarders are constantly honing in on the skill of observation, they are ocular sponges to a degree of absurdity, not to mention obsessive personalities, and if our interest is piqued, we learn the importance of not just asking how, but also to ask why. It is this second question that dictates the difference between understanding a motion and being inspired by a motion. We can apply this in so many other mediums – one of them being photography. Why we photograph is so much more important than how. Photography can inspire awareness; its power is undeniable. It is a medium that has altered the way we tell stories and perceive the world. As skateboarders/photographers we begin by pointing our lenses inward and documenting our own lives: we learn to create imagery with a pleasing aesthetic, and we travel all over the world with our friends shooting roll after roll of film, creating. I think there is a pivotal moment in this photographic career, when we decide to abandon our own story to focus on the story of the world, the stories of people, and the curious moments that inspire them.

Fs Nosegrind, Mexico



Yura Renov – Wallie, Moscow


Faeroe Islands